2018 Consultation: Proposed changes to the Torrington Place / Tavistock Place corridor

Between November 2018 and January 2019, we conducted a consultation to hear your views on the direction of traffic flow for motor vehicles along Torrington Place and Tavistock Place. We also asked your opinion of further improvements that could be made along these streets subject to funding being available. This consultation is now closed. 

Update (March 2019)

It was hoped that, following the public consultation and an assessment of the potential impacts of a westbound scheme, a report could be brought to Cabinet in April 2019. Unfortunately, the required analysis and assessment has taken longer than originally expected.

As this is such an important issue, it is vital that the scheme has been fully assessed, and that Cabinet have all the relevant information to assist in its decision-making. Considering this, a call has been made to delay the decision to allow further time to assess the scheme and ensure that the decision is as robust and informed as possible.

Public Consultation Nov - Jan 2018/19

The consultation followed the implementation of the current street layout (the eastbound option) under an experimental traffic trial in 2015,the subsequent public inquiry in 2017 that further examined the merits of the scheme and the Cabinet’s decision in September 2018.
To assist people in making their responses, we  produced a consultation leaflet which set out the current conditions for the users of the Torrington Place / Tavistock Place corridor together with updated motor traffic, collision, air quality and loading data. The leaflet also included information on the detailed traffic modelling analysis undertaken which helps to understand the impacts of both the westbound and eastbound options.

Useful Links

You can see our consultation leaflet and the drawings showing the proposals by clicking on the links below.

Within the consultation leaflet we stated that further information can be found online on walking, cycling, motor vehicle flows, collision data, loading and air quality. The leaflet also states that additional information on routes for motor vehicles, traffic modelling and the predicted impacts on of both options can be found online. The following links provide background information on:

We also consulted on potential changes to loading adjacent to the Torrington / Tavistock Place corridor. A copy of these proposals can be found at the following link:

•    Loading Drawings (PDF)

The following 2 video clips have been produced from traffic modelling undertaken for both options, they show how the traffic is expected to move along the corridor:

For further information, please email transportconsultations@camden.gov.uk or telephone 020 7974 6516.