Giving notice

You will need to book a notice of intention to marry (notice) appointment with your local registry office this maybe in Camden if you are a resident or in another borough if you live elsewhere. 

Before this appointment you must know the venue and have an idea when you would like to get married. You cannot give notice more than one year in advance of your ceremony.

A notice of marriage or civil partnership is a legal statement, which you must sign, and once this is completed, it will be available on our public notice boards for 28 days.

This is a legal requirement and once notice has been given you must wait at least 29 days before the marriage or civil partnership can take place, this could be extended to 71 days depending on your immigration status.

We would advise you give notice at least 3 months before your ceremony if possible. Please note that notices are valid for one year.

Give notice of marriage

Give notice of a civil partnership

How much does it cost?

Fees per person for notice or no impediment appointments prior to marriage or civil partnership £35

Fees per person for notice or no impediment appointments prior to marriage or civil partnership which are subject to immigration control £47

Please note, these are booking fees which becomes notice fee upon attendance of notice appointment and are non-refundable if notice cannot be taken for incorrect documentation or if you have to re-book for any other reason.

Give notice of a marriage


Give notice of a civil partnership

What if I'm a foreign national?

If you or your partner are foreign nationals from outside the UK, EEA or Switzerland, you must both attend a designated registry office together to give notice. Camden is a designated office.
However, if you are both exempt from immigration controls in the UK (for example, you have indefinite leave to remain, right of abode, diplomatic status or are serving in HM Forces), notice must instead be given at your local register office.

If either of you has a limited visa (for example, a work, student or tourist visa), you will automatically be referred to the Home Office for further investigation which may result in your notice period being extended to 71 days.

Please use the additional information link below regarding nationality 

Further details can be found at

What do I need for my notice appointment?

Proof of Identity
•    Valid Passport / EEA Identity card (issued in Europe)

Proof of Address for each of you
•    Printed utility bill dated within the last 3 months
•    Printed bank statement dated within the last month
•    Most recent council tax bill for the current financial year
•    Current UK driving license
•    A letter from the property owner confirming residency

Other documents

If you have been married or in a civil partnership before whether in the UK or abroad, you will also need to bring:
•    Original Decree Absolute/Final Divorce document
•    Death certificate of former spouse
•    Certified translation of any foreign certificates/documents 

Further information can be found on

You must show evidence of:
•    Who you are e.g. name, age and nationality.
•    Evidence of where you live.
•    Evidence of any former marriage that has ended, if applicable.
•    Documents to show change of name, if applicable.
•    If you are not a British Citizen please look at the additional guidance on

Do you need your divorce papers to get married again?

When you give notice of intention to marry or enter into a civil partnership, you will need to present your divorce decree (marriage) or certificate of dissolution (civil partnership). 

How to get a copy of a certificate?
If you have been married or in a civil partnership before you can get copies of a these certificate from the Register office where the marriage or civil partnership took place.

What do I do if I want to get married abroad?

If you are getting married in another country, please click on the button below to get further guidance.

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