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Council Tax Reduction helps people on a low income, or no income, to pay their Council Tax. The amount of the reduction depends on many factors including the income of household members.

The rules for Council Tax Reduction are made partly by central government and partly by local councils.  Central government made a basic scheme, known as the default scheme, and makes changes each year which all councils must follow. Camden applies the default scheme but with some amendments as shown below.  

The amendments mainly affect applicants of working-age, not pension-age.

Maximum Council Tax Reduction

From 1 April 2017 the maximum Council Tax Reduction in Camden is equal to 100% of the applicant's Council Tax liability (reducing the charge to nil). 

From 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2017 the maximum reduction was 91.5% for working-age applicants and 100% for pension-age applicants. 

Alternative Maximum Council Tax Reduction

This is a form of reduction based on the income of other adults in the taxpayer’s household.  It is sometimes called Second Adult Rebate.  Camden does not award alternative maximum council tax reduction to working-age applicants. 

Earnings Disregards 

The amount of earnings disregarded in the calculation of reductions for working-age applicants is higher under Camden’s scheme than under the default scheme, as follows: 

  • single person: £15 instead of £5 per week
  • couple: £20 instead of £10 per week
  • lone parent: £35 instead of £25 per week
  • some disabled people, carers and those in special occupations: £30 instead of £20 per week  

Military Compensation Payments

All military compensation payments are disregarded in full in Camden when calculating entitlement to Council Tax Reduction. This includes all War Widows/Widowers Pensions, War Disablement Pensions, and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme payments. This change also applies to both working-age and pension-age applicants. .

Further information is available in the Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2018-19 document (PDF)

Apply for Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit 

If you would like to apply for Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit (help with rent):

Log on to your Camden Account and click on "Housing Benefits"

Apply for housing benefit and council tax reduction online