Camden and Brexit

There are 24,000 residents in Camden who were born in EU countries, as well as 36,000 EU citizens who work in our borough. Family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues, these individuals shape our communities and play a vital role within our economy and public services.

Camden Council is determined to ensure that Camden, its residents and businesses receive the best possible deal from Brexit. We are directly lobbying the Government, as well as working with our public sector and business partners, in order to ensure Camden’s voice is heard, and the rights of our residents are protected.

Camden's Brexit Working Group

Exiting the EU will be one of the biggest events of this generation and it is critical that the Council understands and anticipates the impacts of what will be a long term process. It is equally important that we get the best deal for the borough and its residents in a post-Brexit settlement.

We’ve established a cross-party, Member-led Brexit working group in order to understand the impacts and secure the best possible deal for the borough. We will be looking at the impact of Brexit on the borough; Camden’s economy during the Brexit process; changes to legislation and devolution; financial impact on the Council; and social cohesion.

Download: Brexit working group terms of reference (PDF)


Councillor Lazzaro Pietragnoli  (Chair)
Councillor Douglas Beattie
Councillor Heather Johnson
Councillor Samata Khatoon
Councillor Richard Olszewski  
Councillor Flick Rea
Councillor Leila Roy 
Councillor Gio Spinella 
If you have any questions about the Brexit working group contact