Step 1: Count activity you already do. Every movement counts

You might be surprised how many active minutes you’re already completing throughout the day.

Being active doesn’t have to mean working out or going to a fitness session, there are activities that top up your minutes which you may not even realise.

Did you know:

  • Playing games with family members can be more intense than a gym session
  • Climbing stairs burns more energy per minute than jogging
  • Gardening, walking and even hobbies all provide a chance to be active while taking part in a special interest
  • Putting music on about the house and dancing along gets your breathing and heart-rate up too

There are lots of examples like this that show we all are active.

Think about what activities you’ve done recently, once you’ve taken these into consideration it’s easier to choose what else could be included. 

Step 2: What choices could you add

When all movement counts, the number of options for you to be active increases. It’s not just sports and activity classes that you can add into your routine. Lifestyle activities and creative ways to get active are also options. Our handy hints section can help you to find more options when it comes to being active at Home, Work/Study, Travel and in your Free-Time.

Some other choices could be:

  • Putting music on while you are doing household chores
  • Jumping off the bus or tube a stop earlier to help get active travel time in
  • Sessions like boxfit don’t work like traditional sports, instead it’s a fun fitness session where you focus on techniques for footwork and punches and less so on trying to beat an opponent.
  • Taking active breaks at work such as standing up to stretch, taking a brisk walk at lunch or taking a stair challenge
  • Interesting ideas like 10 minute shake ups from Change 4 Life including “Skip with Jessie”, “Dory’s Blue Fin Boogie” and “Timon’s Time Trial” 

This step is all about finding out which options are available to you and what you could do. In step 3 we’ll help you to narrow your options down and find the activities you’ll be able fit in. 

Step 3: What would you like to do and why?

There are numerous activities that could count towards your 150 active minutes per week. 

Make sure you  do something your enjoy, if you find yourself counting down the clock until you can finish it’s probably not the one for you. 

Try out new ways to be active and stick to ones that make you feel good.

Aside from the benefits to your health, there are plenty of reasons for taking up some more physical activity.

It could be:

  • the headspace you feel on a good walk
  • feeling refreshed by taking an active break at work
  • enjoying playing table tennis or badminton
  • feeling included in the community you become a part of
  • being in the fresh air or with nature
  • the relaxation you find from yoga

Thinking back to the options that are available to you, which ones could you fit in and keep you motivated to carry on being active.

Don’t be put off if the first thing you try isn’t the right activity for you, there are so many options available that there’ll be something you’ll enjoy.